The Best Web Browsers for Windows in 2019: Faster and More Secure

Choosing a web browser for your Windows PC or a PC that running on any other OS or for your smartphone is not a very difficult task, and for this, you do not need to know any rocket science. But, selecting the best in many web browsers is a bit difficult. A browser must be reliable, secure, and definitely, have the ability to load web pages faster. Because this is a software that is used every day to perform various important tasks including reading news to online banking. The software you are using to read this article is one of the most commonly used software in the world. Yes, you have read correctly. The web browser or the internet browser is one of the most used application software in the world. So, what browser are you using? Is it Google Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox, is it Microsoft’s EDGE or the popular Opera browser?

Download Web Browser for PC in 2019
Best Web Browser for PC
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A web browser is a piece of software that is used to surf the internet, browse different sources on the internet, connect to social media platforms, send emails and all other works those done through the internet such as online shopping, net banking, reading e-papers etc. Most modern browsers can also be used to play online games, run flash contents or play media files etc.

We often need to share personal information, financial data through the internet. Such as, through email or other means. On the other hand, nowadays, most of us use online banking facility. Online banking saves time, as well as making banking easier. As all these works are done through a web browser, a web browser should be reliable, reliable, safe and secure.

There are various types of web browsers are available based on different browser engines and they have different properties and features. But there are only a few browsers that are capable of providing you with a safe and reliable web browsing experience. In this post, I will write about some modern day internet browsers, that can be considered trustworthy and also provides faster browsing speed and security.

  • Google Chrome

There may be few people who have not heard of Google Chrome. Google chrome is the most used web browser in the world developed by internet giant Google. This browser was released publicly for the first time in 2008. And now, the Chrome browser has captured over 60% of the entire market of the web browser. It is also the most used browser in the mobile platform entire world. This browser runs on Blink browser engine. It is available for different platforms like Windows PC, Mac OS, Linux, Android etc. 

Download Google Chrome 2019 Version
Google Chrome
Google Chrome is a simple but powerful web browser developed using sophisticated technology to perform every online task smoothly. It has a simple and easily customizable interface, faster web page loading capability, inbuilt security protection and many other useful features including incognito browsing (also known as private browsing), multi-tab browsing etc. Google Chrome supports various third-party extensions and plugins. Chrome has its own extension library, from which you can download and use thousands of different extensions and themes. The Chrome latest version has an inbuilt password manager to automatically generates and recommends strong passwords and also store user passwords of different sites.

The capability of syncing user data in another great feature of Chrome. A user can automatically sync his data such as bookmarks, passwords, autofill data, history, settings, extensions, open tabs etc on all his devices through his Google accounts. A user can manually turn sync on or off too.

The Chrome browser has an in-built malware and phishing protection features to provide a secure browsing environment. It also detects malicious websites and links and warns the user not to visit such websites. 

You can download Google Chrome latest version offline installer from the following link:

Download Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox: 

There is no need to reintroduce this cross-platform open source web browser developed by Mozilla Corporation. Mozilla Firefox is another best free and widely used web browser, which supports different OS and devices. Nowadays, Firefox is the main rival of Google Chrome in the field of the web browser and also the best alternative to Google Chrome. Even it is slightly ahead of Chrome in some features. From Version 57, the Firefox browser is also known as Firefox Quantum. The Firefox Quantum version is faster and lighter than the earlier versions of Firefox. 

Firefox 2019 full Version Download
Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a lightweight web application and it consumes fewer system resources than Google Chrome, and therefore requires less power during processing, which helps in expanding battery life in laptops and other such types of devices. 
It is a well-designed browser having a minimal interface. It’s suitable for all types of internet users, as well as those who care about their online privacy and safety. Because the latest Firefox browser has enhanced tracking protection feature which allows users to view, modify and control the tracking content used by a website to track user data on the Web. Additionally, the user can improve the security and capabilities of Firefox using different add-ons and plug-ins. 

Firefox also supports browser extensions designed for Google Chrome. To install and use any Chrome extension on Firefox, you need to install the Chrome Store Foxified extension on your Firefox browser.

Just like Google Chrome, Firefox also provides data sync functionality to help users share their browser data across all their devices. A user can also send a web page or any hyperlink to other devices directly.

Mozilla Firefox internet browser is available in 90 different languages. Anyone can download Firefox language-specific versions from here. On the other hand, now a Firefox user also can download and install language packs for Firefox browser without downloading the language-specific version.

You can download Firefox latest version full offline installer for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android through the below links: 

Details of the browser:
Name: Mozilla Firefox Quantum
Developer/Publisher: Mozilla

Category: Web Browser
Installer Type: Full Version Offline Installer
License: Free/Open Source
Version 65.0 (Latest Version)
Language: English International
Release Date: January 29, 2019

Download Mozilla Firefox 2019 latest version offline installers:

Download for Windows 32 bit Size: 41.4 MB

Download for Windows 64 bit Size: 43.5 MB

Download for Mac Size: 64.2 MB

Download for Linux 32 bit Size: 60.2 MB

Download for Linux 64 bit Size: 58.7 MB

  • Opera Web Browser:

If you want to try another web browser other than Chrome and Firefox, the Opera browser could be the best choice. Opera is another cross-platform internet browser developed using the source codes of Chromium web browser project. It is one of the oldest internet browsers, which was launched in 1995 and now millions of people around the world are using it.

Opera Browser full Version Download
Opera browser

One of the most popular features of Opera is the Turbo mode feature. This feature is used to minimize the webpage load time by compressing the webpage. It basically compresses images and other graphic elements on a web page that makes the webpage very slow. The Opera Turbo mode is very helpful in browsing the internet at a slow network condition.

Some other helpful inbuilt features of Opera is built-in ad-blocker, battery saver mode, add-on support etc. The Opera has an integrated ad-blocker which can be turned off manually. This feature helps the Opera users to disable annoying ads on a webpage. The battery saver mode is helpful during running Opera on a laptop.

Opera supports a variety of add-ons which are available on Opera Add-ons. These add-ons are very helpful in adding different features to the browser. 

Opera web browser also has a clean and minimal interface designed to provide the users a hustle free browsing. You can download full offline installer of the latest Opera web browser from the below links:

Details of the Browser:

Name: Opera
Publisher: Opera Software
Category: Web browser

Version: 58.0

Download Opera for Windows PC 32 bit, Size: 49.9 MB

Download for Windows PC 64 bit, 64 bit, Size: 52.2 MB

Download for Mac Size: 67.7 MB

Download Opera Touch APK 1.13 for Android Smartphone(12.0 MB)

Download Opera Mini APK for Android Phone, Size: 7.4 MB

  • Tor Browser:

If you more conscious about your online security and privacy and don’t want a website or a search engine track your browsing history and other online activities, the Tor browser will definitely help you a lot. This browser is designed to give the internet users a truly secure browsing environment by blocking tracking cookies and also, this browser doesn’t save web browsing data of its users. The downside of this browser is that its browsing speed is slow compared to other modern web browsers.

Tor Browser latest version Download
Tor Browser

Tor is a free and open-source web browser that has been developed to help the user to surf the internet without leaving any trace or without being tracked by anyone.

Details of the browser:

Name: Tor Browser
Developer: Tor Project
Category: Web browser
Version: 8.0.4 
OS Requirements: Windows (All Versions), Mac, Linux, Android
License: Freeware
DOWNLOAD Tor for Windows 64 bit, Size: 53.5 MB

DOWNLOAD Tor for Windows 32 bit, Size: 54.9 MB
DOWNLOAD Tor for Mac OS, Size: 62.8 MB

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