What is The Difference Between Offline and Online Installer

When you try to download any software from a website, you may notice that most of the time, there are two download links on the screen to download the same software. One is the Offline Installer download link and another is the Online installer link. And sometimes, you may have seen the Standalone Installer and Web Installer instead of the “Offline and Online installer”. You can also see that the Offline Installer or standalone installer is quite bigger than the Online Installer or the Web Installer. You may wonder why there are two links to download the same software application and why their sizes are so different and which one you need to download

what are Offline and Online Installers

Do you want to know what is an online installer or an offline installer or what is the difference between these two types of installers and which link to choose? well,In this guide, you may able to clear your doubts about the Offline and the Online Installer. After reading this, it will be cleared that what is an Offline Installer and what is an Online Installer of software. in this article, I will try to clear your question and will also try to show the differences and advantages of both online and offline installers.

What is Offline and Online Installer:

Online Installer: If you have ever downloaded an online installer, you may have noticed that it is a very tiny setup file. Actually, this is not the real software you wanted to download. An “online installer” is a downloader application for downloading a particular software, which can be much bigger than this online installer.

The online installer (or web installer) is used to download the entire codes, scripts, and files from its server through the internet required to install the program on your computer.

Offline Installer: An offline installer or a standalone installer of any software includes the entire codes, scripts, and files required to install the particular program. An Offline Installer doesn’t require an active internet connection to install the program on your PC.

Difference between the Online Installer and Offline Installer:

The main difference between these two is, the Online Installer requires an active internet connection to install the particular program on your computer. But, the Offline Installer doesn’t require an internet connection during installing the program.

An Online Installer is a very small application and the Offline Installer can be much bigger than the Online Installer.

The advantage and disadvantage of Online and Offline Installer:

Online Installer over the Offline Installer:


1. The main advantage of the Online Installer is that it is a more secure way to install any program because it installs the program on your computer directly from the developer or the distributor’s server. Therefore, no one can alter any codes of the software.

While an offline installer package can be infected with a virus or its code can be changed by a hacker.

2. The Online Installer inspects your computer system for hardware capabilities or system requirements and downloads the appropriate version according to your computer’s requirement.

But, in the case of an  Offline Installer, you have to decide what version of the program your PC needs, and you cannot ensure that whether your PC will support it after downloading or not.

Offline Installer over the Online Installer:

1. An Offline Installer doesn’t require an active internet connection to install the program. Also, you can use the Offline Installer again and again to install the software or the program on any computer that supports the program. It saves bandwidth and time too.

But, each time you run the Online Installer, it requires an internet connection to download the program from the server. An Offline Installer is useless without an active internet connection.

2. You can use the Offline Installer multiple times to install the program without downloading it again and again.
But, the Online Installer offers only a single installation. That means the installer needs to download the program every time you want to install it on a PC.

The Online and Offline Installer are two different ways to download or install the same software. Hope you able to understand the difference between the Offline Installer and the Online Installer through this post.

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