Google Domains Features, Review, Pros and Cons in 2021

Google Domains Features, Pros, and Cons:

In the market of the domain registrar, Google Domains has achieved an important position among hundreds of domain registrars and hosting providers. Although it is a new hosting provider, due to its advanced quality and easy-to-use features, it is one of the most preferred domain registrars and hosting providers of the user. Google Domains is a newly launched domain registration and hosting service offered by Google and become widely popular due to their so reasonable and consistent price, simple and easy domain management tool, and many other features.

Google Domain Features

Features of Google Domains:

Simple and easy Domain management tools: Google Domains provides a simple and easy-to-use domain management feature. using these tools, you can set or manage resource records such as A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT etc, add and change name servers, subdomain forwarding, email forwarding etc. 

Simple Google Domain control panel
Google Domains management dashboard

Price: Price is the main factor to see carefully before registering your domain. The Google Domains is cost only 12 USD (20$) (at the time of writing this post) for .com domain, which includes one-year domain registration and privacy protection to keep your name, address and other contact information private.


Google Domain Price
Google Domain Price


Consistency in the price: There are no additional charges during the renewal of your domain on Google Domains. Domain renewal cost is also the same every year with the same features.

Forward Domain Easily: Using Google Domains, you can easily point or redirect your domain name to an existing domain and website. 

Email forwarding: Google Domain allows you to create up to 100 email aliases with your domain. If you have registered a domain as on Google Domains, then you can create mail addresses as [email protected] or [email protected].

email forwarding
Google Domain’s email forwarding
All Top Level Domain: Along with the basic Top Level Domain (TLD) extensions like .com or .net, now Google Domains also provides all other new domain extensions like .guru, .info, .guide .app and many more.
Google Domains Top Level Domains Example
Easy to integrate with popular website builders: It is one of the most important features of this domain registrar. It allows you to connect your domain with some of the most popular website builders on the market such as Google App Engine, Blogger, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, etc. 

Help and support: Google Domains is always ready to help you to solve any issue related to your domain. You can connect with their support team every day by chat and email.

Simple and Transparent: Transparency is another best part of this Google Service. The dashboard of the Google Domain service tool is very simple and transparent. There are no hidden fields in the dashboard which means no extra cost or hidden policy. 

The Pros and Cons of Google Domains:

The Pros:

I have already discussed the key features of Google Domains. Google Domains service is very simple, and therefore it is fast, secure, and is also reliable due to the transparency. It has a very simple layout and a minimal domain management dashboard. So it’s quite easy to navigate through different options and a new user can manage his domain very easily. The domain purchasing and renewal process are also very simple and easily understandable.

Additionally, after purchasing your domain from Google, they will never bother you with any ads, unwanted e-mails to upsell you their products or services. The domain registration price is very reasonable as the .com domain costs only 12 USD. Also, there is no extra cost for private domain registration.

The Cons:

Along with its advantages, Google Domains has some disadvantages too. First of all, Google Domains doesn’t offer domain hosting. You need to use another hosting provider for your website. On the other hand, it is still in the beta phase and hence, there are also possibilities to stop their services. Prices are slightly higher than some other domain registrars.

Another drawback of Google domains is that they are providing their services only in some countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Canada, etc. If you are live outside of these countries, you may not able to register your domain on Google Domains.

Google domain not available


As we all know that Google is the most trusted brand in the world. Google products and services are more reliable than any other services. like Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, or Chrom, the Google Domain is also able to serve people well. Therefore, it is quite popular too. If you have not used Google Domains yet, now it’s time to try out the Google domain. I am sure that it will not disappoint you. The most important thing is that if you are a Blogger user, then you should use Google Domains to set up a third-party URL for your blog.

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