How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Files Using Recuva

Sudden technical failure, accidental removal, virus attack, improper handling often cause loss of data from your PC hard disk or other removable media storage device. This data could contain very important documents, images, audio files, videos, etc. Losing any important data is a matter of a lot of trouble. But did you know that this deleted or lost data can be recovered if you take some steps carefully instead of being anxious? In most cases, you can recover accidentally deleted files easily.

Restore or Recover Accidentally Deleted Files:

The most useful way to restore deleted files from any storage device is to use data recovery software. A data recovery app recover lost data from a hard drive, removable drive like pen drive, memory card, etc. In this blog, we will talk about one of the free data recovery software Piriform’s Recuva, and going to show you the process of recovering accidentally deleted data from our PC hard disk or other storage device using Recuva.

Recover Accidentally Deleted Files using Recuva

Recuva is one of the users favorite data recovery software. It is a simple and easy-to-use free data recovery app (paid version available) developed by Piriform. This small utility software is very handy and powerful that can restore accidentally deleted files like photos, audio, video, documents from our computer. It can restore data from almost all types of storage mediums including the digital camera, audio player, Memory sticks, floppies, etc. Recuva is also capable of retrieve data from a damaged storage medium.

After running Recuva, it automatically scans our storage drive for deleted files including executable files (.exe), video, image, mp3 files, docs, and many other file formats. There are two file recovery modes available in the Recuva app, Wizard mode, and Advance mode. Before running the data recovery process, you have to download and install Recuva on your PC. You can download it from here. Recuva can be installed on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP Including both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. The size of the installer is almost 6 MB.

Here are the steps to recover accidentally deleted files using Recuva data recovery software:

How Recover deleted files using Recuva wizard mode:

The wizard mode is suitable for the user who does not like a complicated situation. It is a very easy method to recover deleted files. Let’s start it.

  • When you start Recuva, you can see the default welcome window of Recuva with the file recovery wizard. You can simply click the “Next” button to follow the wizard to recover files step-by-step process. If you want to access the advance file recovery mode, then simply skip this wizard by pressing “Cancel”.
  • After selecting the “Next” option in the Recuva wizard mode, now you can select whether you want to recover any particular type of files like image, video, audio, documents, etc, or all types of the deleted files. There are five options available including “Email” or you can select all at once by selecting “All Files”.
  • On the next page, you have to select the location to scan for deleted data.  If you want to scan a particular drive or folder then you have to click on the option “In a specific location”. Then click “Next” to go to the last page of the Recuva wizard.
  • On this page, you can optionally choose the deep scan option to perform the scan process thoroughly. And then click Start to begin the search.
  • After finish the scan process, Recuva will show the search results in the main window. Once you have reviewed the search results, you can select the required file(s) you want to recover by clicking on the checkboxes. Then click Recover, select a destination folder or drive to store the recovered files, and click OK.

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Recover deleted files using Recuva (Advance mode):

Recover accidentally deleted file using Recuva Advanced Mode

In Advanced mode, expert users can use Recuva to quickly recover a particular file format by specifying the files format, file extension, file location, size of files, and other options within the same window. In this mode, the user can also set to perform a “Deep scan” for scan thoroughly and “Scan for non-deleted files” to recover files from damaged or reformatted disks under the Action Tab of Options Menu.

These are some simple steps to recover accidentally deleted files with the Recuva file recovery app. By following these steps, you can recover or undelete even permanently deleted files with Recuva application.

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