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Friday, September 13, 2019

Best Domain Registrar for Blogspot Blogger: Google Domain

Blogger is one of the best free blog publishing services owned by Google that offers free blog hosting and free sub-domain for your blog or website. It has a very simple interface and easy to navigate and also the Blogger is the best platform for the newbies who want to start their blogging carrier.  Blogger is much easier to establish a new blog or website compared to the other free blog hosting services like WordPress, Weebly, Wix etc, as a blogger user does not require high-quality professional knowledge on web designing. 

Best domain registrar for Blogger
Best Domain Registrar for Blogger

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Google Domain Features Review and Pros and Cons 2019

In the market of the domain registrar, Google Domains has achieved an important position among hundreds of domain registrars and hosting providers. Although it is a new hosting provider, but due to its advanced quality and easy-to-use features, it is one of the most preferred domain registrars and hosting providers of the user. Google Domains is a newly launched domain registration and hosting service offered by Google and become widely popular due to their so reasonable and consistent price, simple and easy domain management tool and many other features.

Google Domain review

How to Choose Right Domain Name Registrar for your Website or Blog

Are you having trouble choosing the right domain name registrar for your website or blog? Are you looking for a cheap domain name provider that offers more features at lower costs? Well, there are hundreds of domain name registrar that claims to provide different features at the different price. Then whom should you go?  Some domain registrars claim to register domain names at just 1 or 2 dollars per year. On the other hand, if some provider offers free domain name registration, others are offering free hosting. How nice... Are these facts really true?

Actually, there are some points you should be aware that no service is perfect in this world, nothing in this world is free and nobody can give you more than usual. But, you can choose the right one for you by following certain rules. 

Choose Best Domain Name Registrar
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